BLOWSION Finger-Gasgriff schwarz

BLOWSION Finger-Gasgriff schwarz


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  • Machined with the stand-up rider’s comfort at the forefront
  • Straight pull finger throttles are ergonomically designed for premium fit and feel whether riders are on the waves or on the buoys
  • Lever angle is situated to reduce hand and arm fatigue
  • Delrin bushings eliminate the play common in OEM throttles and provide smooth throttle pull
  • All-stainless hardware at the hinge point eliminates corrosion and play 100%
  • No C-clips used
  • Fits most models; however some may require an adapter as listed


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BLOWSION Gasgriff Adapter Seadoo BLOWSION Gasgriff Adapter Seadoo
15,00 € *
Slippery Gasgriff Adapter Yamaha alle, Kawasaki (bis 1985) Slippery Gasgriff Adapter Yamaha alle, Kawasaki (bis 1985)
15,00 € *

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