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The Jettribe Moto riding pants are designed and specially built for the true PWC rider, not just moto-x pants worn in the water. With the PWC rider in mind, our Jettribe R&D team built these riding pants to provide maximum flexibility, comfort, and protection. We at Jettribe understand that riders in the past have worn the typical wetsuits most of the time for protection against abrasion while riding their stand-up or runabouts. Traditional wetsuits are ideal for colder riding weather, but riding with wetsuits can be cumbersome, restrictive and hard to get in and out of. Most riders still need the protection against the bumps and bruises while riding. Plus, most of the cold factors that riders experience are from the wind and water splashes from the craft flying across the water (at 65 MPH!), not from being wet. With all of this in mind, Jettribe has built the Moto pants with many features that set our product apart. The knee and shin areas have EVA compression foam molded pads for that added protection. But our high density EVA foam will not absorb water and stays light. The main material is a tough Sato 420 D. nylon with 2 coats of PU;. This material is light and very strong, and provides wind and water resistance. Wind and water are really what make you cold. In the inseam panel area, we have built an air mesh panel to allow water to pass through and allow you to stay light while keeping in your body heat. The Rear; panel is constructed out of neoprene to allow maximum flexibility. Plus, this panel is embedded with our Jet Grip; silicone texture to maximize grip from your "butt" to your runabout's seat. The dual side pockets have a built in drain hole on the outside and the inside is mesh. This allows the water to drain straight through. Once again, we built these pants to be light while wet.Our single pull tight system allows for instant belt release or tightening. Just one pull to tighten or one quick press on the 50 MM buckle to release the waist belt. The Jettribe Moto pants are tested and literally Used & Abused; by many of our Team riders at the IJSBA World Finals. Yes, these pants are not only tested, but race tested. The Jettribe Moto Pants are not built to replace the wetsuit but they are a great alternative. They provide the PWC rider with comfort and protection against the elements white looking very cool on or out of the water. See you at the next race!!!

made of 80% polyester, 20% polyamide (Nylon)

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