Jettribe is a true core brand for the watercraft enthusiast since 1996. We’ve lived, breathed and loved the sport since Kawasaki 550 stand-ups were king, neon and fluorescent colors were cool, and MC Hammer’s running man was the move of all moves! Plus, we had to dry off our mullets after every ride.

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Times are a changing, but our mission has not. With our passion and love for the watercraft industry and lifestyle we aim to better the industry through our products and personal commitment.

In the last few years Jettribe has stepped up its game by having our national Jettribe tour rig hitting the road 9 months out of the year. From California to Florida our Jettribe rig will display, give away prizes, and provide rider support at virtually every IJSBA, APBA, and Free Ride event in the USA! Plus, Jettribe has a booth at the King’s Cup in Thailand. As of 2010 Jettribe has supported a true national race team in close collaboration with Team Mean. We established Team USA international PWC race team to compete overseas.

The Watercraft industry has been evolving over the years. Personal Watercraft has become bigger, faster, and more powerful! However we recognize that the industry’s riding gear has remained unchanged for the last decade. At Jettribe we design, test, and develop ride gear year round. Our RS-15 series ride gear are designed to better the riders experience with comfort, durability, and protection. At Jettribe we build products that we would use ourselves.

We strive to provide the best quality and performance for the PWC rider and consider high sales volumes later. The Jettribe model is to release limited quantity of quality products that we can truly stand behind.

We are truly grateful and stoked that Jettribe is the fastest growing PWC gear company……We support the PWC rider and thankfully, the riders in turn support Jettribe!

The Jettribe Family!




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Jettribe GRB 3.0 BOOTS
Alter Preis 120,00 €
Jettribe GRB 2.0 BOOTS
Alter Preis 120,00 €
90,00 *
Jettribe Moto Race Pants
Alter Preis 51,19 €
40,01 *
80,00 *
Jettribe Neoprensocken
Jettribe RS-15 Race Suit
Alter Preis 160,00 €
80,00 *
Jettribe Clan Hoodie
30,00 *

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1 - 50 von 64 Ergebnissen