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Paul Schaefer, #8

In 2014 we started with our Nice 'n Hard racing team with Paul Schaefer as a driver for us. Paul is a passionate Jet Ski driver with much experience, just like us so we decided to get him in our team and with our team ski Kawasaki SXR800 ADAC jet boat Cup start to go.
He competed in the ski deck and skiing open class:
Brodenbach the first race after a long break for Paul.Ein of an experienced driver who has won many Championships and internationally travelled, whether at the world finals in the United States, where he's also a native coming, World Cup Thailand, many European Championship race, German Championships and also at endurance Rennen.Er acquainted with all corners of the world where to ride Jet-Ski race!
The first race and full back in the element with all emotions! The first championship run in the stock class to third place, as well as second and third ranking run ranked third and second, a small clash in the race with small bruises, thus last started, in total ranked third in the ski stock on the Wochenende.In of ski means open only in the first evaluation round would the Klasse.Nach say's successful start in the Rennjahr 2014.
Since the race in infancy due to low water is down, we come to the next race to Berlin.
The ski stock class second run on # 5 and the third round Paul in the first scoring run in fourth place, managed again finished fourth. This resulted in a third place in the overall standings. Ski open first run fifth, second run running seventh, third eighth with a total placement on six.
The race in Rendsburg was as always without complications and so Paul could stick in the ski in the course of one third, second in race two and three third in run. Rating is third place in the Stock.In of the ski open he won sixth place on the race weekend.
The last race was held in Düren. After we did some testing with the Jet Ski, Paul had made a few modifications to the Jet which are unfortunately went off slightly backwards in the first run. Thanks to a helping hand suburb, they could find the problem and fix so the Paul managed in the second run to third place, in the third round in second place, making overall only ranked fifth. SkiOpen place was six announced for the total score of the weekend.
This season made a placement to place two of the ADAC jet boat Cup and thus vice champion of the class SKI STOCK 2014.In the SKI OPEN Paul finished fourth. We are super happy, great performance!




Frank Wittling, #15

We are very glad the we Frank whiting for our nice 'n hard racing team for 2015 win could, because after his success 2014 E.g. 2nd runabout veterans 35 + GP/open European Championship, Benelux Champion Runabout GP, champion of the ADAC jet boat Cup and the start of Thailand, which unfortunately podium has led not on it for technical reasons, what would have been definitely in there. (Well the devil is just in the details)
To go now by 2015 with the top results.
The season begins in Brodenbach, runabout open: Frank WINS in the first round of the Championship. There will be a fall, due to a fatigue on the Nahdi the second scoring run, he crashes so unhappy that he can ride the race did not finish and is no longer at the start the third scoring run.
The second race of the ADAC jet boat Cup starts in Lorch am Rhein. A comeback for Frank? After he's been afflicted in the training again by the hell of the failure and he could give more gas and had to rescrew the night through. He won the first and second Wertungslauf.Beim third race, but clearly he wanted to make interesting. With technical problems, because he could only give 80% gas, he nevertheless made it to second place and could show his race weekend with first place.
Next stop was Berlin. A sovereign victory in the first event, which again was chasing the joy out of the face one shortly after crossing the finish line, there he was again, a defective racing skis. Despite the hours of work and screwing, the bug could be fixed. Frank would have a Jet for the race on Sunday borrowing, so that he can drive a still enough points for the Championship and of course also for the weekend. Thanks to Tim, who has provided his jet and enabled so frank with a stock ski to ride in the points for the first place of the runabout open.
Unfortunately Frank could not attend jet boat Cup the last two races of the ADAC due to health reasons. He was but was third in the Championship, not to imagine what would be if he had started to the last race.
Too bad also that Frank not in Thailand can start that would have been a crowning for the year 2015.
Who also do not forget, is Paul Schaefer who drove for us last year race and the race perfectly has supported this year Frank, whether as screwdrivers, support on the race course or at the start as a holder.


By 2015, it was a beautiful season! Thank you our nice'n hard racing team you support, you are super! Let's see what 2016 is going on!




Andre Wend, #83

In 2013 Andre could Wend his German Championship pick and had him defend 2014 and with nice 'n hard as a sponsor.
2014 Andre starts the season in Brodenbach, with a very strong cold. He starts in the runabout stock class and is also first in the first run but then we added the cold of getting worse fever and it is clear the health is going on, so nothing like home to bed. On to the next race.
This year also the Celsion Cup was held, and André was of course at the start. A large starter field in the runabout stock class was also there. Super exciting races and great people again were suburb. After a great weekend and golf successful weekend won André the runabout stock class, 1st place super!
We come to Berlin. Runabout stock: after the exciting duels with Barbara weekend Andre could win all three runs for himself and thus driving the overall victory in the class.
In the runabout open Andre went well at the start and could occupy fifth place in the first run. In the second run, there was a technical problem that has led to a loss, so 0 Punkte.Dritter barrel, as a fifth over the Ziellinie.Macht in total five of the overall standings.
Rendsburg was for André, so next race to Düren:
In Düren, Andre brought his machine to the Cook, therefore also not the full number of points. Runabout stock and runabout open he was in the first third, second run second and third run zero points and thus have a fifth place in both classes.
This means a total result of the ADAC jet boat Cup 2014 runabout stock 3rd place and runabout open fourth place. we keep our fingers crossed for 2015!
2015 André shifts from the seat on a riser and now travels with the ski open class.
This year is beginning in Brodenbach and one must say Andre not easily become it. Even if it is started in the early days with posts you can see already in the first race that is not easy this year. Andre to total open in ski fourth in the first Rennen.Erster running third, second run seventh and fourth in the third race.
Race number two is in Lorch at the Rhein.Dritter square in the first round, ninth place in race two and the last run on third place. Unfortunately, so even the race of 2015 was ready and had a final result by 2015 to seventh place.